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A Sunday on La Grande Jatte Free Essays

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, 1884 Georges Seurat A Sunday on La Grande Jatte medium’s is an oil on canvas fine art painted by Georges Seurat for a long time. His procedure is essentially painterly. It delineates sensible encounters of individuals around then while having a loosening up Sunday in a rural park in an island in Seine River. We will compose a custom paper test on A Sunday on La Grande Jatte or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now For a few, maybe Seurat needed the ‘characters’ in his work to march in nature. The components that are featured in the painting are surface, worth, and shading. Georges Seurat utilized the type of painting called divisionism or most ordinarily known as pointilism. He was the first to utilize such structure. This structure extends a specific sort of unpleasant surface for the fine art. The significance of significant worth is given centrality in depicting the sentiment of the work of art, giving it a specific vibe of peacefulness. Shading is to a great extent observed on how a quiet Sunday should feel, cheerful and brimming with positive feelings. The painting’s topic passes on the tranquility the individuals around then felt, how the individuals just gradually walk or lounge around breathing in the excellence of their environmental factors. It is essentially a 2D painting in structure. The artistic creation actually imparts the serenity of that specific day. Seeing it makes you quiet and thinking back. Seurat’s gem depicts a tranquil, quieting second where various types of individuals accumulate in the shoreline of an island in Seine River, enjoying a Sunday evening. The artist’s appearing ‘cast’ made out of fighters, boaters, the elegantly and coolly dressed, the old and the youthful, families, couples, and single man and ladies. It seems, by all accounts, to be that he is attempting to amass a specific sort of network comprising of various class of individuals. What is remarkable in this canvas is the characters’ unequivocal absence of cooperation recommending that it is a direct result of their assorted class request. Seurat proposes beginning an upheaval in Impressionism, making his subjects like those in old Greeks live and move in a cutting edge setting. The craftsman utilized oil paint so as to complete his work. His love for the material is clear on how he utilized it in an exceptional way along these lines making a specific sort of style called pointillism. A Sunday on La Grande Jatte fills in as the beginning of Neo-Impressionism at the nineteenth century where Impressionism is generally famous. While them two qualities the portrayal of authenticity in painting and canvas, Neo-Impressionism contrasts since it is progressively characterized and increasingly moderate. All in all, the work of art radiates such gigantic agreement to individuals which especially why I become enamored with it. It additionally gives you an outflow of namelessness, causing you to feel like you likewise need to have a bit of what the characters or the individuals in the artistic creation are encountering. In all decency, the fine art offers smoothness to individuals and quiet to disturbed heart. Sources: The Art Institute of Chicago http://www. artic. edu/aic/shows/seurat/seurat_themes. html Artble http://www. artble. com/craftsmen/georges_seurat/works of art/a_sunday_afternoon_on_the_island_of_la_grande_jatte Step by step instructions to refer to A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, Essay models

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Amazon Operational Management Strategies Term Paper

Amazon Operational Management Strategies - Term Paper Example Tasks the board isn't restricted to assembling alone yet in addition incorporates administrations. Henceforth, activities the executives can be best characterized as viable and proficient administration of all tasks of the association that add to improving the frameworks that are planned for making and conveying quality items and administrations to the clients (Young, 2009). It includes planning, overhauling, supervising, actualizing, executing of the different business activities. Activities the executives twofoldly affects the benefit of an association and subsequently it is indispensable for the general achievement of an association. Association is profited by the improved adequacy because of tasks the executives and the made items and administrations are with the end goal that they meet the necessities and requirements of the clients. In straightforward words, expanded effectiveness will bring about expanded income which brings about a progressively serious association and expand ed proficiency will likewise decrease costs (Galloway, 1993). Following are the 10 operational administration techniques that an association can apply: Product/Service Design, Quality Management, Capacity Management, Location, Layout Design, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Scheduling and Maintenance. This paper is planned for breaking down how has applied operational administration procedures to succeed and increase upper hand in the market. is a worldwide client driven American organization. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington is an electronic trade organization and the biggest online retailer on the planet. It was established by Jeffrey Bezos and consolidated in 1994. Despite the fact that it was consolidated in 1994, it went live in 1995. Begun as an online book shop, today has broadened and extended its item and administration line (Reuters, 2011). Today, sells various items from various classe s. It not online sells books on the web but rather additionally sells PC programming, CDs, DVDs, food, furniture, computer games, toys, electronic array, MP3 downloads, and so forth (Google Finance, 2011). Shoppers, merchants and ventures are three essential client sets that the organization serves. Aside from selling items on the web, the organization likewise produces income from different sources, for example, co-marked charge card understandings, outsider selling, exchanging and web based promoting (Google Finance, 2011). For the accompanying nations has separate sites: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, China and Japan (, 2011). Amazon has various programming advancement focuses, satisfaction and warehousing focuses over the globe to satisfy the developing needs (Reuters, 2011). Amazon’s Product Categories: Books, DVDs, tapes, music CDs, instruments, toys and games, programming, purchaser gadgets, outdoor supplies, y ard and nursery things, attire, garments, kitchen things, gourmet food, devices, child items, excellence items, watches, gems, mechanical and logical supplies, staple goods and wellbeing and individual consideration things (, 2011). Amazon’s Services: Amazon Web Services, Amazon Publishing, Amazon Prime, AmazonBasics, special features, Amapedia, Subscribe and Save, AmazonLocal, Amazon Wireless, askville, Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Fresh, and so forth (, 2011

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Online Essay Writer

Online Essay WriterThe Online Essay Writer allows you to submit your online essay in a matter of minutes. You can do this while you are relaxing on the beach or taking a warm shower. This is because you need not be stuck in traffic, worried about where to get to, or even about the errands that you have to run.The Online Essay Writer uses your free online writing platform as a base to complete your online essay. This is so because the online essay writer can work from any computer and can complete the assignment any time of the day. The writing work that is needed for this form of assignment is on a topic that you already know. This means that you can save a lot of time, money, and effort on doing the same old thing.You can use multiple ways to write about subjects that you already know. You can write a dissertation that you would like to research. You can use a short report that you have written to help you review your skills and provide more information about a subject that you migh t be unfamiliar with. You can use a review to summarize your learning from various pieces of work or coursework.You can take the time to develop skills that can be used by employers or by yourself for whatever purpose you want to use the knowledge for. The Online Essay Writer will provide you with a method that works for your skill level. This means that you don't have to reinvent the wheel when you are doing something as simple as completing an online essay.To take advantage of the benefit of this service you will be able to work with the Online Essay Writer on an open ended basis. This means that you can be as specific or as general as you wish. This also means that you can complete your work at a pace that will be appropriate for you.You'll be able to submit your online essay to more than one site at the same time. This is important, because you can complete more than one paper at a time. It's important to keep your paper focused on a single topic, since this will lead to a more effective reading experience.When you hire the Online Essay Writer, you will be able to choose the topic that you are interested in. You can choose from research papers, reports, interviews, and assessments. The Online Essay Writer can work with your project and help you prepare a single online essay that is written according to your specifications.Finally, you will be able to finish your online essay on the same time that you finished your regular essays. This is a great benefit that you can take advantage of if you want to finish some online work on a deadline. Your online paper can be completed in a matter of hours.

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Analyzing the Philosophies of Chuang Tzu and Socrates

Chuang Tzu and Socrates Philosophy is the study of the nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. The occupation of the philosopher is in trying to understand the world around us, trying to determine the truth of the world and of humanity, and essentially to explain things which are more or less unexplainable. Certain issues have fascinated philosophers because they are universal and apply to all human beings regardless of class, gender, ethnicity, religion, or age. The concepts of human existence, why humans exist and what makes them exist are often discussed by philosophers. Perhaps the only concept which appears more frequently in philosophic writings than the topic of existence is the ideas about life and death. All human beings will eventually die; it is the one thing in life which is absolutely certain. What comes after this is a mystery. Is there an afterlife where we are either rewarded or punished? Is there reincarnation where we continually repeat the process of being born, of living, and of dyi ng? Or, quite bleakly and uneventfully, is there nothing at all; do we just cease to be once we stop being alive? Chuang Tzu who is also known as Zhuangzhi wrote in the fourth century BCE while Socrates was a Greek philosopher who wrote about a century before Chuang Tzu. Two philosophers from different eras came up with some similar ideas despite the fact that they were separated by both time and geography; that mankind was fated to be born, to live for a short time, andShow MoreRelatedPhilosophy Socrates vs. Taoism2554 Words   |  11 PagesThroughout history western and eastern philosophies have developed a vast segregation from one another. The geographical and cultural distance between eastern and western civilization determined massive differences between the two. On the other hand, the works of ancient Greek philosophers like Socrates, and some eastern philosophies like Taoism have many of the same or common ideas and concepts. Both eastern and western philosophies regardless of having similarities have distinctive differences

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Legalizing Marijuana. Marijuana, Also Called Herb, Weed,

Legalizing Marijuana Marijuana, also called herb, weed, herb, pot, grass, and a vast number of other slang terms, is a greenish-gray combination of the dried, shredded leaves and flowers of Cannabis sativa, the hemp plant. Some individuals smoke marijuana in hand-rolled cigarettes called joints; many use pipes, water pipes, or marijuana cigars called blunts (often made by cutting open cigars and replacing some or all the tobacco with marijuana). Marijuana is frequently mixed into foods (edibles) such as brownies, cookies, or candies, particularly when it is sold or consumed for medicinal purposes. Stronger varieties of marijuana include Sinsemilla (from specially tended female plants) and concentrated resins containing high doses†¦show more content†¦According to government surveys, 25 million Americans have smoked marijuana in the past year, and more than 14 million do so on a regular basis, despite harsh laws against its use. Marijuana is far less hazardous than tobacco or alcohol. Nearly 50,000 people die each year from alcohol poisoning. Additionally, more than 400,000 deaths each year are attributed to smoking tobacco. By comparison, marijuana is non-hazardous and cannot cause death by overdose. The United States public policies should reflect this reality, not deny it. (NORML) The legalization of marijuana is a liberty that people deserve to choose for themselves. Legalization would also reduce crime, and give sick patients a new effective medicine. The most important reason for marijuana to be legalized is because people deserve to be free, and have the choice to smoke marijuana. As the members of what we call a â€Å"free nation† should have the right to make decisions for ourselves. Marijuana is less hazardous than other drugs that are already legal, like alcohol and tobacco. Marijuana also takes part of some religions. Just as Christians drink wine on certain occasions, religions such as some Buddhists, Hindus, and Rastafarians use mar ijuana in their spiritual and religious ceremonies. These individuals have the right to exercise their religion, and The First Amendment in our Constitution protects these rights. Smoking marijuana does not cause harm to others; therefore,Show MoreRelatedShould Marijuana Be Legalized?924 Words   |  4 PagesMarijuana is contervisol topic all around the world, some countries like Amsterdam and states in the United States have legalized marijuana, and this has put preasure onto other countries to legalize. Marijuana is also referred as weed, herb, and pot and is derived from a plant called cannabis sativa, also known as hemp plant. The cannabis plant produces THC, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, and there are over 85+ individual cannabinoids, which are found in marijuana, but THC is responsibleRead MoreLegalization Of Marijuan The Time For Change1359 Words   |  6 PagesLegalization of Marijuana: The Time for Change Marijuana has been an ongoing controversial issue for quite some time now. According to the national institution on drug abuse, â€Å"Marijuana—also called weed, herb, pot, grass, bud, ganja, Mary Jane, and a vast number of other slang terms—is a greenish-gray mixture of the dried, shredded leaves and flowers of Cannabis sativa— the hemp plant.† (National Institution on Drug Abuse). Today twenty-three states and the District of Columbia currently haveRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1183 Words   |  5 PagesEnglish 1302 14 March 2015 Time to Reconsider: Legalize Marijuana Did you know that every 42 seconds, someone is arrested on marijuana related charges? Marijuana, refers to the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, which contains the psychoactive (mind-altering) chemical delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as well as other related compounds. Others may refer to it as pot, grass, reefer, weed, herb, or Maryjane. This plant has raised concerns in almost everyRead MoreThe Effects of Legalizing Drugs Essay2011 Words   |  9 Pagesdrug-related crime and deaths were not enough for society, Marijuana is now legal in Colorado and Washington--which has already created new substance-related problems. Just the fact of legalizing it confuses teens into thinking that it’s not risky anymore, thus promoting adolescent use. Legal or not, the addictive nature of pot has always been the most influential gateway substance to either alcohol, tobacco, or hard drugs. This means that Marijuana is almost always linked to substance-induced destructionRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legal? Every State?1894 Words   |  8 Pagesâ€Å"Should Marijuana Be Legal in Every State?† Marijuana is also called weed, herb, pot, grass, bud, ganja, Mary Jane, and a lot of other terms in today’s world. It is a greenish- grey mixture of the dried shredded leaves and flowers of Cannabis sativa, which is the hemp plant. Some users smoke marijuana in hand- rolled cigarettes called joints, many use pipes, bongs, or marijuana cigars called blunts. (H. (2016, August). What is marijuana? Retrieved November 07, 2016). Marijuana is not only usedRead MoreThe Advantages of Legalizing Marijuana Essay example1090 Words   |  5 PagesBut what seems to be very popular when the word drug comes up is the controversial ongoing debate on whether or not marijuana should be legalized. Many advocates believe prohibiting marijuana reduces crime, trafficking and increases health. However, marijuana is one of the most misunderstood drugs on the market. Keeping it illegal just causes more problems. Fully legalizing marijuana, while making sure it is controlled with limitations much lik e alcohol and tobacco, would boost our economy, bringRead MoreThe Legalization of Marijuana Essay966 Words   |  4 PagesIm for legalizing marijuana. Why pick on those drugs? Valium is legal. You just go to a doctor and get it and overdose on it - whats the difference? Prozac, all that stuff, so why not marijuana? Who cares? Its something that grows out of the ground - why not? Go smoke a head of cabbage. I dont care what you smoke (Stern). This particular quote is the reality of how many Americans actually feel about the supposed war on drugs. Mary jane, airplane, weed, reefer and dank are all commonly usedRead MoreThe Issue Of Legalization Of Marijuana1605 Words   |  7 Pagesfamous scientists in the United States known as Carl Sagan. Marijuana has been one of the most debated topics in the media today, and numerous years before. Altogether, this debate has raised many questions, yet with very few answers of whether the legalization of marijuana should be passed, and expressed throughout the nation as a whole. The fight for legalizing marijuana has embraced itself to see success. The legalization of marijuana is essential in society today for three reasons: failed prohibitionRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1459 Words   |  6 PagesThe word â€Å"cannabis†, most commonly known as weed, has rose the brow of Americans everywhere and has been the topic for debate for decades now. Those that oppose the use of the plant believe it is used to smoke, but there are many positive aspects which have been proven to result from its use. For example it is proven that marijuana is less dangerous to the human body than alcohol and tobacco products. As a result, most believe that the legalization of cannabis will drastically decrease the crimeRead MoreBenefits of Medical Marijuana Essay625 Words   |  3 Pagescan be prescribed for pain is medical marijuana. Even though it’s illegal in some states, but marijuana has become the most profitable and healing vital substance. Medical marijuana, also refer to as medical cannabis, is a good herbal therapy according to health practitioners(Medical marijuana for pain and depression). Medical marijuana has been around for centuries. Physicians back then used medical marijuana for illnesses and disorders(Medical marijuana for pain and depression). This is

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Alzheimer s Disease And How It Affects The Brain

This research paper will be about Alzheimer’s disease and how it affects the brain. It will also tell you many other things about Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is named after the German physician Dr. Alois Alzheimer, who first discovered Alzheimer’s in 1906. It is the most common form of dementia, and it is found in around sixty to eighty percent of all cases of dementia. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disorder (physical ailment whose course in most cases is the worsening, growth, or spread of the disease), and it is characterized by large loss of nerve cells and the connection between them, along with change in personality and behavior. Its course is never ending, but pretty predictable. People who are on the upwards of sixty-five†¦show more content†¦As other areas of the brain are affected, the victim becomes more bedridden, and eventually requires total care, after a while the person becomes entirely irresponsive to the outside w orld. The causes of Alzheimer’s disease are still for the most part unknown. Scientists can’t quite pinpoint the exact causes of Alzheimer’s. But for the last twenty years the cause getting the most attention is that it is caused by an excess amount of insoluble fragments of beta-amyloid, then that leads to the loss of connection between brain cells, then eventually the death of said brain cells. (American Scientist, 44) The risk factors can increase the possibility of having Alzheimer’s, but isn’t exactly linked to cause Alzheimer’s. Age, genetics, gender, cardiovascular disease, having down syndrome, depression, immune system malfunctions, endocrine (hormonal) disorders, slow-acting viruses or bacteria, vitamin deficiencies, exposure to electromagnetic fields and accumulation of metals such as zinc, copper, iron and aluminum in the body, or previous head injuries are the risk factors. If you’re older, a female, and have had other people in your bloodline with Alzheimer’s then your chances of getting Alzheimer’s are significantly increased. The chances of getting Alzheimer’s doubles every five years after the age 65. Some research says that the chances of getting Alzheimer’s

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Oil and Gas Production in the USA-Free-Samples-Myassignmenthelp

Question: Write a report on Oil and Gas Production in the USA. Answer: Introduction The purpose of this task is to provide an overview of the corporate social responshebilities of the company present in oil and gas industry. The report provides the social responsibilities of the oil and gas industry with respect to its stakeholders and shareholders. It also states the Gulf of Mexico issue faced by the industry which degraded the environment. Further recommendations to the companies are provided with the precautionary measures so that such issues get depleted. Oil and gas industry is majorly related to the environment extraction due to which mishappening of the company leads to make negative changes in nature. Further details about the task are discussed below: CSR practices in Oil and Gas industry Corporate social responsibility refers to the duty of all the organization present in that industry to initiates the business activities in such a way that it does not harm any stakeholder in the industry. As discussed above it shall be noted that the oil and gas industry is highly risky and prone to threat industry under which a minor mistake can adversely affect the nature. The initial responsibility of the organization is to recognize and understand the complexity of the business. With this effect, major problem of the industry will reduce (Gutierrez-Miravete 2013). Further, in the oil and gas industry major work which is performed is the extraction of natural resources from the land. So, it can be said that work of the industry is involved with nature and environment, so the industry shall initiate activities with which no person present in the society (suppliers, neighbors, government, and investors) get dissatisfied with the business activity. Also, these activities shall not c ause any harm to any person as well. On the part of the industry, a prior intimation of changes in the system application of organization, prior approval of stakeholders of the organization, compliance of social and ethical norms etc. are some of the corporate social responsibility which the industry on a whole shall aim to follow (Berkowitz, Bucheli, and Dumez 2017). Shareholder of Oil and Gas industry The shareholders of the oil and gas industry are the companies working in this industry. Talking about two companies working under the oil and gas industry are ExxonMobil and Chevron Corporation. Further, the CSR activities of both the company are discussed below: ExxonMobil Company The fact shall be remarked that ExxonMobil is renowned as the best company which understands and successfully initiates the corporate social responsibilities. Talking about the corporate social responsibility of the company, the corporate citizenship report states the following aspects of the company: The company aims to initiates the sustainability of the managerial activities so as to create a brighter future ahead. The company works to expand the supplies of reliable and affordable energy for the purpose of economic growth of the whole community (ExxonMobil 2016). Safety and workplace management is another social responsibility which the company ExxonMobil successfully manages in the society. As the company aims to provide personal safety to each and every employee connected to the organization. The company regularly aims to mitigate the risks associated with the daily activities of the employees. Also considering the responsibility towards securing the nature, the organization initiated climate change risk management strategy. Growth in demand for energy is a threatening situation for the society as it is depleting the natural resources. So, the organization is developing solution to reduce the effects of greenhouse gases and save the environment (Ahmad, et. al., 2017). Stakeholder of ExxonMobil Company The two stakeholders of the company are government and shareholders of the company. With respect to them, ExxonMobil Company initiated activities of the conservation of environment and protects the community from calamities. The company timely paid the rent and taxes to the government to avoid problems. And with regards to the shareholder the company always gave prior intimation of the extraction related activities. Also the shareholders are interested in the profits earned by the company and the investment of the company in different sectors. So, the company contributes a share of the income on securing the environment (ExxonMobil 2017). Chevron Corporation Chevron Corporation is world renowned Oil and Gas Company whose approach for oil and gas industry is to be socially responsible and ethically right for the activities which the company performs in the external environment. The organization supports the human right and aims to provide benefits to the employees who work there. Further activities initiated by the company are: Creating prosperity is the objective of the company. This refers to the initiation of the organization to build a lasting image on the mindset of the stakeholders of the company by providing effective and efficient services. Safety is of people is the topmost priority of the company. Chevron Corporation initiate all the activities in the organization concerning to the health and safety of the people connected to that activity (Chevron, 2017). Due to operating services in oil and gas industry, the company somehow harms the environment. Thus in order to negotiate the effects of the activities, the organization operates robust, cost-efficient and practical activities to save the nature. Stakeholder of Chevron Corporation Talking about the two stakeholders of Chevron Corporation that are government and shareholder, it shall be noted that the organization contribute the share towards the stakeholder engagement activities. Initially talking about the government, the companies pay taxes as it is the revenue source of the government and also the companies as discussed above supports the government in implementing action plans to save the nature. Apart from that prior approval of the government is always taken before initiating any extraction activity on the land. Next talking about the shareholders of the companies, thee organizations provide safety and practice sustainable activities to achieve the satisfaction. Greenhouse gas emission is another area in which the customers are majorly interested, so for that, the companies initiate mitigation to support the nature of such hazardous gases (Alazzani, and Wan-Hussin 2013). Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill One of the issues related to the oil and gas industry which caused a huge disaster in the environment is the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill. In early 2010, on 20th April the deepwater horizon oil platform located near the Louisiana coast got attracted to a calamitous explosion. The Deepwater Horizon rig was owned and operated by Transocean and oil company BP (Farrell 2011). On this horizon, the oil well was located on the seabed 1,522 meters below the surface. Further, on April 20, a surge of natural gas exploded through concrete core which was being installed by the contractor company Halliburton for the purpose of sealing the well for the later consumption. The core of the rig was too weak to uphold the pressure due to which such event happened. Post this event, the natural gas traveled Deepwater rig riser to the platform, this resulted in ignition due to which around 11 workers died and 17 got injured (BBC 2017). The rig sank on 22 April morning which continued to escap e the oil in the water which got in touch with the methane gas and drilling water which resulted in explosion and firestorm. Further, this effect was protected with blind shear ram but this device also failed. Lastly, the oil spill continued till July 15 and later was closed with a cap; also relief well was used to permanently seal the well. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is one of the biggest spills of all times which resulted in huge environmental damage and cause the death of many people as well (Kostka, et. al., 2011). Further it shall be noted that there are many other issues caused due to this problem. Relating to the corporate social responsibilities adhered by organization, it is important to look after the human rights and environmental health as well. It is the right of the people to live in clean environment and also ask the organizations to initiate activities which can help them to sustain in the environment. Also the companies present in the oil and gas industry shall focus on environment health due to which substantially health of people will improve. Best practices in the industry With respect to the Gulf of Mexico problem caused in the country, many people were adversely affected with this activity. Thus, oil and gas industry being more prone to risk shall work carefully. Also the stakeholders present in the oil and gas industry shall make use of best practices so as to eliminate the catastrophic problems. Further the best practices which shall be followed by companies are discussed below: Safety measures around oil spills: As noticed in the above mentioned statements that the industry has several issues which cannot be ignored at any cost but it can be prevented to some extent. So, if policies and safety measures are developed around the working culture of the company then such destruction might end. The organizations develop a framework of policies and safety measures which shall be used by the company in case of emergencies. These policies will help the company to seek rightful measures when it faces any kind of problem during the course of action (Lin, and Mendelssohn 2012). Also such policies help the company to initiate the day to day activities. Risk assessment measures initiated in the organization will help them to look for the areas and activities in the company which are higher prone to risk and correct them (Solomon, and Janssen 2010). Renewables: the oil and gas industry play a huge impact on the greenhouse gases emission in the external environment, thus considering to that it is the need of the current ear that the companies shall switch the activities a product mix that consists of renewables. With the initiation of such activities it will become effective for the organization to manage activities without emitting waste and hazardous gases. However this activity will take its time to initiate in the organization, also the company might incur higher charges than expected in this process but the outcomes of this approach will successfully occur positive only. Further it shall also be noted that along with policies implementation, strategic decision making is also needed in the organization so as to make this framework work in long run (Perks, et. al., 2013). So, the organization shall focus on decision making and implementation process which shall help the organization to effectively run the newly developed frame work. Also innovative tools and activities shall be initiated in the organization which shall eliminate the use of hazardous substances and create good environmental impact (Comyns, and Figge 2015). Collaborate to change: energy consumption is an integral part of lives of human beings. Starting from all the basis day to day activities and ending to all the complex activities initiated by people, people require energy in the activities. Oil and gas sector provides such energy to people for usage, and as the consumption level of energy increases subsequently the company starts to increase the production as well. Resulting to which, this process genuinely harass the resources; so in order to create a midway to resolve such problems the organizations shall collaborate with other industries and customer advocacy as well. With this process all and industries can work by co-operating with each other and use substitute resource to create sustainability in the environment. Looking at the above mentioned case of Gulf of Mexico, if all the industries would have cooperated with each other to resolve the issue then the problem might not become disastrous (McNutt, et. al, 2012). Energy Efficiency: the oil and gas industry is a highly sensitive industry under which the greenhouse gases emitted in the environment from the combustion of stationary and mobile internal combustion engines causes major effect on the environment sometimes leads to unseen calamities as well. So, the oil and gas organization present in the environment shall mitigate emissions, global initiatives shall start which shall measure, manage and reduce the emission (Reddy, et. al., 2012). Partnership initiative: in order to inculcate the CRS approach in the organization, the companies shall develop the partnership with the stakeholders including the government. With this coalition the companies shall co-operatively develop new principles to address and make changes in the social issues affected in the industry and the people present in it. "Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative" (EITI), is one of the initiative which was initiated by ExxonMobil, World Bank and other companies so as to ensure that adequate sum of money is invested in the social programs and corruption by officials is reduced (Liu, Garcia, and Vredenburg 2014). Communication: Communication for the cause is one of the most important tasks as it helps of the organizations to beware of it and take proactive measures for it. Communication the framework shall be defined which shall initiate communication between all the organizations present in the oil and gas industry. Looking at the case, if prior intimation had been issued to organizations for help then other organizations would have collaborated to help and secure the environment (Raufflet, Cruz, and Bres 2014). The above-mentioned practices are regarded as best practices because these practices satisfy the requirements of nature and halt the organizational activities which can adversely affect human lives and environment. Ethics related to the case Relating the above-mentioned statements to the normative ethical theory it shall be noted that the theory states that people should attempt activities in the environment if it is ethically correct. All activities presented in the environment should help the community a better living. Further the deepwater horizon act was not ethically correct as it destroyed the nature and attacked many unnatural deaths as so. So, to compensate for the cause, the organizations involved in the case shall make use of best practices mentioned above. Also with reference to the traditional theory of ethics, organizations which are part of the oil and gas industry shall use modern techniques in the business process so that operations are also followed without hurting the nature (Isaak 2017). Furthermore relating the Utilitarianism theory to the CSR practices used in the organization it shall be noted that any activity which produces good values on moral good can be regarded as CSR practice. With regard to this, the organization shall initiate activities which are morally right irrespective of loss of profits in organization. Recommendation The above mentioned are the best practices which shall be initiated in every organization present in the oil and gas industry. Further there is a scope of improvement in the activities of the business so as to such Gulf of Mexico issues from happening. So the recommendations are discussed below: Develop protocols to pass information: protocols shall be developed in the organization so that proper safety measures can be initiated in the organization. If there is efficient and effective information communication system in the organization, then would get easy for the companies involved in the issue to take proactive measure to save the environment from degradation. Such protocols will initiate flow of transparent information in the organization due to which every person will get to know the real facts about the case and information shall be provided to the people related to the issue only. This will result in more helping hands to the organization (White, et. al., 2012). Catalogue and contact area expert in marine: In the coastal region, where people are more prone to disasters, at those places the organization shall place employees who are capable enough to handle the emergencies occurred with them. Areas in contact with the hazardous substance shall have at least one or more expert who are qualitative and efficient inn solving such issues. Offshore cleanup options: due to the extraction and other practices of the organization present in the oil and gas industry, the environment gets affected adversely. So the nature requires regular cleaning of the land and the marine area where such oil reserves are present. This will show positive effect on the life of animals living in that area and it will also positively affect the life of people as well. Offshore cleaning will also save the nature and oil reserves from depleting to some extent. So, machinery and regular land and sea checkups shall be initiated by the organization to fulfill the corporate social responsibilities of the company (Allan, Smith, and Anderson 2012). Also the organization shall give prior notice for the activities which the companies are going to implement in the society. This will help people to suggest the organization corrective action and if the people are still not satisfied then such people can complaint about it as well. So human right shall be taken care by oil and gas industries. Chemistry of oil and weathered products: the organizations shall understand the chemistry of various oils and the products of the weather. The company shall look after the chemical reaction caused by combining of both the products in the environment (Jain, Aguilera, and Jamali 2017). So all the products which can create a negative reaction by mixing itself with other gases present in the environment shall be kept at safe so as to avoid problems. With the help of this the company can easily avoid most of the problems attracted with the organization. Technical response incidents: responses to the issues shall be sought with the help of scientific and technical solutions. Instead to applying solution related to political aspects, the companies shall consider scientific and technical solutions to avoid and excavate the problem (Michel, et. al., 2013). The organizations shall initiate environmental clean activities which analyze the society needs as well and implement actions (Mariano, et. al., 2011). Thus these are the following measures with the help of which the organizations can sought to solve the problem occurring in the oil and gas organization. Conclusion Thus in the limelight of above mentioned events, the facts that shall be noted is that without oil and gas sector, no person would survive in this entire world. 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